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General questions

This website shows today's ferry timetables

On the front page of the website we have the next 10 ferries leaving to or from Waiheke Island. Let us know if we have missed something out.

The main menu has an item for each of the wharfs i.e Matiatia, Auckland these show times from the various places to get to or from Waiheke.

Where possible we show what other days the ferry runs so you can plan ahead. However if you are planning ahead you probably don't need this site..:)

I can never remember what time the ferry goes....or what my options are!

So I thought this would help. Then I thought maybe others have the same I thought I would share it.

If you are planning ahead then you can use one of the existing sites operated by Fullers etc, but if you need something now...well then you have somewhere to go!

No, at the moment the only shows timetables that are published by the various ferry operators online or in other written material. However if there is something not right with a timetable please contact us and we will change it as soon as possible.
Fantastic, lets us know and we will endeavor to get good suggestions incorporated into the website asap.
The little white icons on the site like M are there to show you what wharfs the ferry will stop at. Putting the whole name in is too long especially on a phone. As a result we have just put the first letter or two of the name. The list is below.
  • M Matiata
  • B1 Britomart Pier 1
  • B2 Britomart Pier 2
  • B3 Britomart Pier 3
  • B4 Britomart Pier 4
  • D Devonport
  • H Hannaford Wharf
  • O Orapiu
  • KP Kennedy Point
  • HMB Half Moon Bay
  • WQ Wynyard Quarter
  • C Coromandel
  • R Rotoroa Island
*This site is for information purposes only. It is provided on an “as is” basis. Information here has been collated from online and offline resources. While every effort has been made to ensure these timetables are correct the operators of this website cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracy of this information. Please see our terms & conditions which you are agreeing to by your use of this site.